Charlie Song UCSD ΣΑΜ 20


Loving you, gives me something new 
I’ve never felt 
Your eyes and your smile and your casual style 
all rock up the new 

I thought that I was playing 
trying to keep from saying 
(that I love you), baby 
(Yes I do) 
I`ve tried to keep from feeling 
all the things I`m feeling 
(but I love you), Oh girl 
(Yes I do, Oh babe) 

Girl I love you more 
than I dare to say 
(But love cannot hide) 

No I hide 
this feeling inside 
no I tried to lie 
(and stop me alive) 

I want you keep your loving 
but something keeps on telling me 
(Wait awhile, she`s not your style) 

I`ve tried to keep my distance 
you played with my resistance 
(until I knew) until I knew 
(my love was true for you) 

(Now I know it`s true) true 
(I love you more) I love you more 
(I do) more than yesterday 
(I love you more) 

I’ve thought about my future 
and I don`t want to lose ya 
(No, I’m no fool) 
(I’m playing it cool) 

try and understand it 
I want to do the best that I
(I can for you,) yeah 
(and me too, Oh babe) 

(Yes I love you more) 
more than a ray of sun 
(locked in a song) 
yeah I do
or the moon 
(I love you more) 

(I do)
(I love you more) 
or the moon 

(I do) 
(I love you more) 

(Source: Spotify)